Loudwater offers a well-defended rest stop for caravans and riverboats. Nearby communities such as Llorkh and Zelbross lie in ruins, yet Loudwater survives, albeit with a diminished population, which holds steady at about 2,000. To the north stand the brooding trees of the High Forest. To the south is the High Moor, infamous for monsters that lurk in the mists, guarding the ruins of bygone kingdoms, and the Southwood which has had an off and on problem with hostile goblin infestations through the years. Loudwater feels like a frontier town despite having once boasted a greater population. Its days of boundless prosperity are a century gone, and most of the town’s current residents, which include primarily humans and half-elves, are not old enough to recall them. Loudwater never fully recovered from the disruption of trade brought about in the wake of the disastrous Spellplague, yet unlike many towns, it at least still stands.

Merchants, caravan guards, local craftsfolk, hunters, farmers, and retired adventurers treat Loudwater as a second home. In the Green Tankard tavern’s common room, talk turns to tales of hostile tribes and barrows glimpsed through mists; folk speak warily of goblins in the Southwood, of the serpent folk of Najara, and of ancient, ruined kingdoms. The tavern attracts young and old with its warm company and tall tales. But before buying an ale for one of the inn’s regulars, a visitor should think carefully. Many adventures have started from stories exchanged over cheap ale and greasy food, but not all have ended with the glorious exploits of which bards sing. An old story or a wrinkled map could be the doorway to adventure—or the path to a quick death. One thing is for sure, there is no shortage of adventure to be had in the Loudwater surroundings.

Map Key

1. Town Gates

2. South Square

3. Garwan’s Curiosities

4. Starra’s Knives

5. Green Tankard Tavern

6. Loudwater General

7. Stables

8. Loudwater Smithy

9. Loudwater Apothecary

10. Patrol Headquarters

11. Tenements and Homes

12. Temple

13. Docks Gate

14. Docks

15. Fisher’s Friend Pub

16. Manor House


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