Garwan Pickhand

The proprietor of the local curiosities shop.


Garwan is a white-bearded, wizened dwarf, who is happy to let customers browse while he sits at the counter puffing on a prodigious pipe. If asked about a particular item, he remains where he is and points it out from among the clutter. He is well liked in the comunity and gets invites to all of Lady Moonfire’s galas, though always on the condition he share some old war stories about his adventures in the Mines of Greypeak, the stomping grounds of his youthful exploits.

He has four sons – Darden, Dred, Durr, and Zark (the youngest and half-brother to the older three). The three older boys, honest and hardworking all, run the local stables where they offer stalls for rent and mounts for purchase. Zark does not work for a living but rather lives off his father and whatever coin he can manage to swindle off his brothers or random passer-by.

Garwan Pickhand

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